I’ve been writing stories since I was four, kept a journal since I was six, and wrote my first novel at seven (only got four chapters in, but still). After graduating from Yale University with distinction in the English major, I spent a short stint as the Internet Bookmobilist with Internet Archive, wrote for my own blogs and wildcrafting website, wrote feature articles for The Optimist/Ode Magazine, shared lyrical essays at Elephant Journal, and published poetry and flash fiction with Apocrypha and Abstractions and Short, Fast, and Deadly. I’ve also written for culturebot.org, have written and co-written several plays, and write song lyrics. Currently, I’m working on an experimental memoir and a collection of “speculative fiction.”

For the past 13 years, I’ve worked as a professional editor and writing coach. I have space for a few more clients this season—if you’d like to work together, you can email me here.

2011. Ink & watercolor.


“He ran. I rode just behind his eyes. I was a harmony in the singing of his cells, dissonant ’round the edges and balancing there because of it. His skin was tight and kept me in. He told me that once his skin ran away for a day and he had to stay in bed until it stumbled home near dawn. I did not worry. I jived behind his eyes.”

— from The Barn of the Arduous Metaphysics, not yet published