Writing! I write a lot. In the process of sharing more of it again (rather than squeezing words in spurts through tiny pinholes of social media).

Here are some things:

The blog is up for a little bit longer as I slowly transfer it to my Patreon. I’m so, so excited about this Patreon situation.

Writing credits: The Optimist (formerly Ode), Elephant Journal, culturebot.org, other assorted websites, lit mags, scripts, stages, songs, flags, university and local newspapers, performance programs, and labels of wild libations and remedies.


Plugging In: Earth Becomes Us

Dropping the Veils, Invoking Ganesha

Dispersing Fear: Allying Ourselves with the Second Dimension

Currently reading: Anil’s Ghost, Pussy King of the Pirates, Autobiography of Red, Parable of the Sower.

2011. Ink & watercolor.

“He ran. I rode just behind his eyes. I was a harmony in the singing of his cells, dissonant ’round the edges and balancing there because of it. His skin was tight and kept me in. He told me that once his skin ran away for a day and he had to stay in bed until it stumbled home near dawn. I did not worry. I jived behind his eyes.”

— from The Barn of the Arduous Metaphysics, not yet published