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Kirsten is an emissary of the earth and invisible; a resident of the borderlands as she aims to dissolve them; a performer, writer, musician, artist, and healer who dances with land and the threads that connect us. She wants to know what happens when we blend the body’s intuition with the mind’s astonishing capacity to imagine, enter into, and describe stories, feelings, ideas, visions, experiences, and possibilities. As a transmitter of the world’s deep beauty and a midwife for creation and collaboration, Kirsten’s aim is to delight, awe, challenge, and sing into being new ways and patterns that nourish, inspire, and help build new worlds. She believes, she knows, that we each hold a piece of the puzzle. Let’s share and weave our surprising alive gifts.

Halloween costume, San Francisco 2005. Wire mesh, pantyhose, paper, googly eyes.Born in Yamhill County, Oregon, Kirsten studied writing, experimental theatre, and medieval manuscripts at Yale University; lived with a circus and healing arts community in the jungle on the Big Island; washed boats in Squalicum Harbor, WA; helped run three small permaculture farms; co-created wildly popular live-action serial sock-puppet variety shows; performed public interventions dressed as a platypus in NYC subway stations; DJ’d several-hour-long sets at Burning Man, and spent two summers building masks, performing, and playing klezmer fiddle with Bread and Puppet Theater. Her background and training includes experimental + physical + community theatre, butoh, vocal + instrumental + electronic music composition and performance, writing + journalism, film, art and illustration, Reiki + energy healing, yoga + meditation, and herbalism. She’s performed in Portland with Speculative Drama, Quantum Animal Observation Space,  Shaking the Tree, and Water in the Desert/Mizu Desierto Butoh Theatre, and creates performance art + poetry, music + sound, writing, visual art, film, costumes, puppetry, wildcrafted libations, installations, rituals, events, and workshops as a solo and collaborative artist. She has composed and recorded with Lapa, was an original member of the experimental vocal group EVE (Portland, OR), and is teaching herself the accordion.


kalalau trail, kauai, january 2018