Slow Shifting

I’m trying to break, or at least slowly shift, the habit of posting all my reflections, rants, and sometimes-eloquence only on social media. Instead, I’d rather post them here first and then share to the book of faces. In any case, as a new practice, any time I post a long thing on FB I’m going to paste it here too.

Here’s today’s:

“Feeling the urge to give a deep shout-out today to everyone who’s doing invisible work—especially, today, the intensely crucial, often full-time (and unpaid) work of healing your own trauma, healing your ancestors’ trauma, healing your body and spirit, and all the healing that happens out of sight, under the radar, and often in almost-total solitude or privacy. I see you. Your ancestors and descendants see you. You are doing such important work. You are supported, held, and loved. In the world I envision and want to bring into being, we all receive a universal basic income (at the very least) so everyone who needs to can take the time to do this kind of work. Until then, know that the work you are doing is helping heal the entire world. It is healing your entire lineage, past and future, and everyone around you, and everyone else too. It is helping re-weave the universe. It can be hard, and it can be scary, and sometimes it can feel completely fruitless, but I promise—it’s so huge and necessary. Thank you for doing it. Thank you. Thank you.”

For real. I mean it. Thank you. You’ve got this. We’ve got this. I love you.

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