Fall in

Well, hello. First update in a while. Let’s see… the lovely folks at Elephant Journal published something I wrote about breathing—click here to read it. Got back from Burning Man a couple weeks ago—brilliant worlds, visible and invisible (and everything in between).

Now fall’s begun. The earth feels good right now. Ginger and black pepper tea, burdock and dandelion (nourishing roots bringing second-dimensional mineral medicine). Sage and cedar.

What else? So many connections, ideas, dreams coming true right now. So good to settle into our bodies and remember that our minds only know a tiny mote of a fraction of a sliver of a piece of the puzzle. We can breathe, slow down, dance, bake something for breakfast. We can let go of our rushed thoughts, of tension, of trying. What arises in the space between  thoughts, between actions? What new connections do our relaxed muscles, open joints, and expanded lungs reveal?

Part of trusting involves letting go into the body, into its ancient alive wisdom, and through the body into the earth, whose wisdom is living and so, so ancient and vast.


Thank you, autumn, and shorter days, and slowing down. Thanks, sun, and may we receive you and spill you through us and into the ground, as we begin to rest a little more, and sip tea on the porch in cool morning, and put on sweaters and put up the harvest. Thank you, dark, decay, leaves falling from trees, compost and ancestors and spirits and the infinite wisdom of all that’s unseen.

Thanks for being there. All of you. Love.

o pine

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