It’s June 2012!

Aloha! Thanks for being here as this blog evolves and amalgamates the coherence necessary to form a… blog planet. Blog galaxy! For real, I appreciate you so much.

The theme that’s been emerging here at innervisible is pretty clear: the second dimension. The realm beneath the earth’s surface and the surface of our skin. The invisible, and all that entails. With that in mind, I am delighted to announce that I’ll be presenting three workshops at the end of July: Reiki 1 & 2 Attunements and a new one on grounding the inner dimensions and dancing the collective voice of the Earth. The goodness is going down at the Indigo Vortex gathering in Southern California—message me if you’ll be in the area and want to know more.

Here’s a track and a mix that have been helping me attune to the deep hum of things:

Lux Moderna: Eck Ong Kar
Kairos Progressions (a sweet journey with beats & bass)

And, since inner and outer are continuous, here’s an astrological take on the significance of this month—said by many to be the real “peak” of 2012—from the always-astute Emily Trinkaus over at Virgo Magic. An excerpt:

Jupiter — the ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces — is in Taurus, asking us to tune into the wisdom of the body, of plants and animals, of our home planet. Taurus is slow and sensual, the earthy expression of Venus, the sacred feminine. My sense is that this Eclipse may require more “being” than “doing,” although the urge to take rash, dramatic action could be strong.

There’s been a lot of “being instead of doing” on this end (though if we bring full awareness to every moment, is there actually a difference?). Most of my housemates have said that though they’ve attempted to “get things done” like usual this week, it’s often opened into just sitting, talking, drinking tea, resting, dreaming, making music, taking walks. I’ve been feeling the same way—and it’s been incredibly rejuvenating. I’ve also found that I’m getting done exactly what I meant to, only I’m doing it with a sense of ease and right timing rather than stress and pushing. Have you felt this urge to slow down and be lately, too? I invite you to try it. Even just for ten minutes. Sit. Close your eyes if you want. Just relax. Put on those jams I posted up there, or any jams you like. And see what happens.

Venus Transit, 5 June 2012. From

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