In print!

Aloha friends, and long time no write—at least on here. Now that winter’s creeping back in slow and subtle and the sun’s getting low in the sky, it’s time for this blog to creep out of cozy hibernation and stretch and blink its eyes. Rebirth! Renewal! Regeneration! Real realization of readiness and revolution. (For more on the awesomeness and applicability of “re—” words right now, check out this Virgo Magic post on the Scorpio New Moon. And happy almost full moon…)

Speaking of hibernation and rebirth, the piece I wrote last winter/spring for Ode Magazine on family systems therapy is out in print! You can read it online, though I promise the print copy is much prettier (and has lovely illustrations). This piece was a good warm-up to get the journalism sea-legs back, and after writing another (coming out soon!) I feel like I’ve finally gotten the hang of it again. Childhood (and adulthood) dreams coming true left and right.

What an amazing month this has been. So much transformation, so fabulous, so fast. Challenging, surprising, and beautiful. As I write from a kitchen table in Oakland, I think of the small earthquake that woke me up from a nap the other day (3.2, my first ever), and how much the Earth is reminding us to feel her and collaborate with her as these changes unfold in and around us. Occupy, to me, seems so much about feeling the ground, about taking up space in the 3-D realm, about rebirthing the world we want to see by living it, showing it, teaching it. Love love love, to everyone out there, everyone in here, everyone everywhere.

on dashboard, road trip north through big sur, october 2011

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